26.14 20.04.2020

  • Increase RRDs limit for packets count all/RTP to 100000000
  • do not add packet loss (and do not lower MOS score) in cases when there is >500ms RTP gap with missing MARK bit but timestamp difference is within range <10ms which is valid silence or gap [VS-1038] [VS-1051]
  • Added support for RFC1483 (LLC-encapsulated ATM) link-layer type
  • set rx queue and coalesce rx-usecs on sniffing interfaces with ethtool utility (option interfaces_optimize default is yes) [VS-1057]
  • send warning when sniffer is swapped [VG-2088]
  • fix crash when compiled with wireshark for SS7 support [VS-1061]
  • fix crash when downloading audio from GUI [VS-1060]
  • fix empty active calls for some cases [VG-2090]
  • fix bad headers error (when in nonstandard configuration) in client-server mode [VS-1050]
  • fix capture reloading in client-server if ipv6 is enabled [VG-2087]

26.13 20.03.2020

  • fix missing RTP in caller or called for some cases [VS-1053]
  • add samplerate convert (if need) to cWavMix (create audio) [VS-1049]
  • voipmonitor --dedup-pcap='SRC.pcap DST.pcap' [VG-1816]
  • removing unnecessary calls system(cmd) from convertRawToWav [VS-1044]
  • fix audio mixing (broken in 26.12)

26.12 13.03.2020

  • document option sdp_multiplication (new option sdp_multiplication=0)
  • add file deduplication option usage: voipmonitor --config-file=/etc/voipmonitor.conf --dedup-pcap='SRC.pcap DST.pcap' [VG-1816]
  • fix issue with missing procedure __insert if it was deleted by concurrent process (if same sniffers sends CDR with the same id_sensor)
  • fix audio wav cretion for very long calls [VS-1044]

26.11 12.03.2020

  • add test billing [VG-2019]
  • rtpip_find_endpoints is now enabled by default (if calls are routed through SIP proxies with RTP proxies, enable this option so the main caller and called stream will not be selected from/to sip proxy but from real caller / called destination) [VS-1039]
  • Skip CDR now works for every SIP packets and not only for first INVITE which allows to skip CDR creation with any regexp rule [VS-1036]
  • added --no-user-input parameter for disabling user interactive input in the install script [VG-2053]
  • add support for 'last sip response' test/regexp condition in parameter cdr_ignore_response (cdr_ignore_response = 503 lsr=Call\sThrottled, 403 name=abc ip=, 404 number=%123%, 405 number=.*123.* ip=
  • fix sip proxy IP could be swapped between destination IP for some cases [VS-1041]
  • fix error handling when invalid regexp is set in cdr_sip_response_reg_remove
  • lower frequency of error log with failed connection in client/server mode
  • client / server - new options server_sql_queue_limit, server_sql_concat_limit, fix CPU bound query processing from multiple sniffers
  • auto enable ipv6 for parameter rtp-stream-analysis
  • fix error handling in manager command 'graph' [VG-2062]
  • new server_sql_queue_limit, server_sql_concat_limit options for server/client
  • Increased rrddb max value for calls count INV/REG

26.10 12.02.2020

  • signifficantly reduce calling usleep/nanosleep in busy wait loops. Some virtualisation plaforms are sensitive to low usleep(<400) and causes almost 100% CPU load on host even when sniffer is doing nothing [VS-1034]

26.9 06.02.2020

  • fix fraud change country alert (broken since IPV6 support) [VG-2031]
  • use enhanced billing accuracy as default [VS-1032]
  • add duration time for rtp streams (new column in cdr_rtp) [VS-2008]

26.8.2 28.01.2020

  • fix variable name in RRD (for DEF and CDEF) (rrdtool v.1.5)

26.8.1 28.01.2020

  • use new static RTP functions instead of Call::tmprtp and RTP::fill (should be faster)
  • handle dynamic DTMF events correctly (fixes dtmf2pcap=no for DTMF with dynamic payload) [VS-1025]
  • store RTP->iscaller/d to cdr_rtp.flags (used in GUI to determine to which side RTP belongs to) [VS-1030]

26.8 23.01.2020

  • get q.850 reason from all packets now until BYE / CANCEL packet is received which will set final q.850 (q.850 was parsed only from BYE/CANCEL and not from 4X 5X and 6X responses by default)
  • fix static compiles - snappy regretion (30% faster)

26.7.1 17.01.2020

  • fix direct mysql access in cSslDsslSessions::deleteOldSessions which fixes stuck in packet processing [VS-1021]
  • suppress too much sdp_multiplication warnings - enable one warning per 10s [VS-1019]
  • add response sender thread in client / server mode (fixes latency in the sniffer and invalid utf-8 chars in crontab log) [VG-1709]

26.7 15.01.2020

  • add new command line parameter json_config, add filter to manager command get_json_config
  • rrd - add auto-alter maximum of series, set maximum for "t2 CPU Usage %" to 120 * 20 % [VS-805]
  • add support for like wildcard '_' in filters [VS-1018]
  • change output for verbose 'manager' from cout to syslog

26.6 06.01.2020

  • add UDP fragmented flag to CDR if UDP is defragmented (which is SIP RFC violation)

changes in billing: [VG-1971]

  • add resolution to rules for number type (local, international, both)
  • increase priority for regex match in rules (regex rules are now matched before prefix rules)
  • allow check multiple regex rules and select rule with the greatest match length
  • extend debug output for command line option --test-billing

26.5 06.01.2020

  • added vxlan hedaer support (vmware mirroring) [VG-1972]
  • implemented domain check in fraud alert change cdr country [VG-1609]

26.4.4 19.12.2019

  • update libpcap to 1.9.
  • update librrd to 1.7.0 to prevent crashes
  • log 'callslimit/ignoring call' only once in five minutes
  • add support for RFC2833 in audiocodes mirroring [VS-1009]
  • fix slow cloud connections
  • move check minimal length of rtp packet after set last_rtp_a/b_packet_time_us (fixes pauserecordingheader) [VS-1008]
  • fix save_empty_frame for PAYLOAD_G722 (fixes pauserecordingheader) [VS-1012]

26.4.3 13.12.2019

  • Fix Freebsd build. Includes in the hugepage and rrd headers.
  • add manager command hashtable_stats
  • add support for dumpallpackets in all threading / t2_boost modes
  • fix potential crash issue in new rrd code

26.4.2 10.12.2019

  • fix RRD charts (create folder)

26.4.1 09.12.2019

  • document new option numa_balancing_set (introduced in 26.4) autodisable|enable|disable (default is autodisable) - if TLB shootdown is over 500 per second sniffer will turn off numa balancing (echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/numa_balancing) - on multiple node numa systems (2 or more CPU) memory balancing causes too much overhead (TLB shootdowns) when sniffer uses GBs of memory).
  • fix crash when reading from a file directly without packetbuffer and sniffer is in mirror sender mode [VG-1955]

26.4 09.12.2019

  • Statically compiled binaries (64bit) are now compiled again with the latest tcmalloc (fixes TLB shootdown bottleneck issues on NUMA systems - multi cpu servers), GCC 8.3, glibc 2.19, kernel >= 2.6.18
  • new option cdr_check_unique_callid_in_sensors [VS-1001]
  • calculate MOS score when call is connected and has less than 100 packets (all calls with <100 RTP packets were ignored for MOS calculateion) [VS-1002]
  • fix crash for options_qualify_refresh manager command in case OPTIONS/SUBSCRIBE/NOTIFY were not enabled

26.3 06.12.2019

  • more RRD chart optimizations [VS-989]
  • fix ARM build [VS-1000]
  • log packetbuffer interface error to the MySQL LOG [VS-992]
  • add support for load client_random/masterkey from file via new parameter --ssl-master-secret-file (for testing purpose) [VS-998]
  • fix SIP performance regression when there are multiple INVITE in one SIP session (or INVITE attacks with the same Call-ID) [VS-993]
  • fix last sip response for SIP text MESSAGE type - if previous response is 407, enable set to 2XX if next response is 2XX [VS-1004]

26.2 29.11.2019

  • fix t2_boost mode
  • detect audiocodes port in source tcp/udp port [VS-988]
  • new options for truncating SIP response text cdr_sip_response_number_max_length and cdr_sip_response_reg_remove [VS-997]
  • workaround when MPLS GRE packets are constructed with wrong header type (GRE -> MPLS -> IP) [VS-651]
  • use vfork insted fork when generating RRD charts (fixes performance when sniffer allocates a lot of memory - TLB shootdowns)

26.1 25.11.2019

  • Revert compatibility for older kernels for static builds
  • add support for new field 'by ip' (src, dst, both) in fraud realtime concurrent calls [VG-1915]
  • release memory (if used tcmalloc) only if need (new config option memory_purge_if_release_gt default 500MB)

26.0 23.11.2019

  • Statically compiled binaries (64bit) are now compiled with the latest tcmalloc (fixes TLB shootdown bottleneck issues on NUMA systems - multi cpu servers), GCC 8.3, glibc 2.28
  • statically compiled versions (64bit) from 26.0 ARE NOT COMPATIBLE with kernels <= 3.2 (do not upgrade if you are running kernel <= 3.2

25.9 11.11.2019

  • sipport can be now set also in range - sipport = 5060-5090 [VG-1922]
  • add support for billing aggregation based on domain [VG-1886]
  • added support for per-sensor capture rules [VG-686]
  • added support for MySQL TLS certs [VS-965]
  • support for capturing SIPREC (passively) store xml part from sip message body, multiple media description in sdp, detect rtp caller/called direction via media description label and xml part [VG-1751]
  • allow two packets drop in FAX CED tone detector [VS-979]
  • fix packetbuffer file cache
  • skip packets with bogus ip_header version after GRE header (warning - incorrect dataoffset/caplen ) [VS-978]
  • detect telephone-event in invite / res2xx (allow search for RFC2833 DTMF calls) [VS-331]
  • SIP REGISTER - check 'Proxy-Authorization' if 'Authorization' is missing (fixes empty SIP REGISTER username) [VS-975]
  • limit SQL syslog to 100 chars for each new attempts
  • fix issue with reinvite and proxy detect [VS-977]
  • voipmonitor --config-file=base_configuration --cmp-config=actual_configuration

25.8 04.10.2019

  • add support for new field 'by ip' (src, dst, both) in fraud sequential alert [VG-1915]
  • support for checking mysql schema in GUI tools [VS-586]
  • auto adjust opt_pcap_queue_dequeu_window_length [VG-1837]
  • add option null_rtppayload which replaces voice in RTP by zeroing data - this option cannot be overriden by any other options [VS-818]
  • sipport can now accept port ranges and multiple values (sipport = 5060-5090,5098) [VG-1922]

25.7.1 26.09.2019

  • fix cisco skinny (broken since ipv6 release) [VS-971]
  • fix support for rtp stream analysis
  • fix CDR delay for low traffic and setting threadingmod >= 2 [VS-972]
  • fix bind to ipv6 :: [VS-973]

25.7 19.09.2019

  • add support for new RTP stream analysis in GUI [VG-1870]
  • fix rare crash in SIP REGISTER packet handling
  • fix sniffer termination when stuck in bind loop (server mode)
  • fix custom headers if millisecond precission was enabled [VS-967] [VS-968]
  • fix sdp_multiplication error message in syslog [VS-966]

25.6.1 11.09.2019

  • fix IPv6 in t2_boost mode
  • fix billing if subnet is (all ip ranges) [VG-1892]
  • do not check ss7 db columns if table does not exist
  • fix rtp_check_both_sides_by_sdp behaviour for some cases [VS-962]

25.6 07.09.2019

  • SIP messages, start of the call etc. can be now stored with millisecond precision - time_precision_in_ms = yes (default disabled, DB needs upgrade) [VS-586]
  • freebsd compile fixes
  • fix fixed jitterbuffer simulator - some calls had low MOS score (with a lot of MARK bit or burts / fixes some audio sync issues for G729 VAD frames) [VS-961] [VS-960]
  • Fix network mask priorities in the IP based capture rules

25.5.3 29.08.2019

  • tweak silencedetect MOS to catch more cases (lift silence threshold)

25.5.2 28.08.2019

  • fix audio sync issue for RTP mark [VS-960]
  • fix MOS score for VAD (RTP mark bits)

25.5.1 21.08.2019

  • add audio conversion (get rid of sox) [VG-1883]
  • fix audio sync when there are mark bit in every packets [VS-957]
  • remove libssh code and library dependency (not needed anymore) [VS-947]

25.5 19.08.2019

  • fix savertp=header and store VSS-Monitoring ethernet trailer and other possible payloads
  • new voipmonitor.conf option dtmf2pcap (default yes) and support for the same in capture rules. For PCI compliance change it to no [VG-1880], [VS-951], [VS-796]
  • allow restricting users using custom SIP headers, import/export user restrictions, show custom headers in active calls [VS-943], [VG-1703]
  • fix upgrading sniffer when binary is not named voipmonitor [VS-955]
  • fix audio sync for some cases [VS-954]
  • add limit in fraud async queues to prevent memory exhaustion [VS-948]
  • fix cleanspool - delete orphaned old empty directories (fixes spamming syslog with : cleanspool[0]: call erase_dir_if_empty... [VS-956]

25.4 08.08.2019

  • solve SIP processing bottleneck - SIP thread optimizations + automatically split workload to more threads, new option destroy_calls_in_storing_cdr
  • added regex number into billing rule [VS-917]
  • fix parsing SSRC in PUBLISH message [VS-941]
  • fix all compiler warnings
  • fix crash in ssl if keyfile is missing or if there is any problem reading it
  • fix potential crash when handling SIP REGISTER

25.3.2 29.07.2019

  • more 32bit fixes (i686/arm), fix compile warnings
  • fix live packet sniffing

25.3.1 26.07.2019

  • fix client/server when mixing 32 and 64 bit version
  • new option sip-msg-compare-vlan

25.3 24.07.2019

  • REGISTER: support for detect sip register ports, new options sip-register-compare-sipcalledport, sip-register-compare-sipcallerport (default no) [VS-938]
  • REGISTER: fix failed counter for multiple registrations, new options sip-register-max-registers, sip-register-max-messages [VS-926]
  • after SIP 404 response remove RTP ports from list to not store wrong calls into pcap [VS-940]
  • fix crash for option -r with enabled packetbuffer_sender = yes [VS-922]
  • fix audio desync when RTP is clockdrifting (also slightly degrade MOS score for this case) [VS-937]
  • support filtering calls in active calls and live sniffing by vlan id [VG-1827]
  • fix mos_xr from SIP PUBLISH [VS-941]
  • fixes for 32bit platforms (x86, arm)

25.2.1 10.07.2019

  • close REGISTER after 403, 404 [VS-926]
  • fix possible race condition leading to crash when SIP Opt.,Subsc.,Notify is enabled

25.2 08.07.2019

  • add support for audiocodes mirroring. New options audiocodes, udp_port_audiocodes, tcp_port_audiocodes [VS-939]
  • fix crash in packetbuffer / disc buffer (if packetbuffer_file_path and packetbuffer_file_totalmaxsize is set)

25.1.1 04.07.2019

  • fix potential crash in convertRawToWav
  • fix some 401 failed registration issues [VS-926]

25.1 28.06.2019

  • fix audio sync issue in case there is timestamp jump < 5000ms with MARK bit set [VS-937]
  • fix destination IP in DB when there are multiple INVITEs [VS-933]
  • fix parsing rtp->rtcp_xr.avgmos (suppress unavailable mos_lq / 0x7F) [VS-935]
  • check ps and bash only in not read from file mode
  • fix issue with rtpc-mux (RTCP packets were treated as RTP for some rtcp-mux cases) [VS-932]
  • store VLAN tag into DB [VG-1827]

25.0.5 27.06.2019

  • fix capture rules for
  • limit maximal value of the interarrival jitter (X_rtcp_maxjitter columns)
  • The RTCP 'cumulative number of packets lost' can be signed value (X_rtcp_loss in the db)
  • check ps binary version (missing or busybox ps is incompatible with voipmonitor watchdog) [VS-936]

25.0.4 20.06.2019

  • fix capture rules by IP (broken since ipv6)
  • 25.0.3 14.06.2019


25.0.2 14.06.2019

  • add missing scripts/ipv6_alter.sql
  • fix version number

25.0.1 13.06.2019

  • IPv6 - fix issue with ip type in socket create

25.0 12.06.2019

  • ipv6 support! [VG-1350]
  • fix storing ssl_sessions if query_cache is enabled
  • added CPU count + hyperthread flag to the syslog output
  • add option packetbuffer_disable (for testing purpose)
  • remove lifetime from srtp key [VS-925]
  • suppress set flag zerossrc_detected for not-rtp packets, allow space (' ') terminator in domain detect [VS-928]
  • fix udptl packets shorter than 12 bytes (fixes T.38 FAXes) [VS-927]
  • fix vlan tag handling for SIP register failed [VS-926]
  • fix parse domain from: "To: sip:domain" [VS-914]
  • fix sip reason for multi INVITE (check branch in CANCEL packets) [VS-921]
  • new option strict for rtp_check_both_sides_by_sdp [VS-929]

24.2.1 10.05.2019

  • add build options (--with-dpdk-include, --with-dpdk-lib) for including the headers and libraries.
  • change sip-register-compare-to_domain to yes as default

24.2 23.04.2019

  • fix issue with sipcalledip vs proxy ip [VS-911]
  • add cleandatabase_sip_msg option for the cleaning of the OPTIONS/SUBSCRIBE/NOTIFY
  • new option storing_cdr_next_threads (dfault 0)
  • new options remoteparty_caller, remoteparty_called (see voipmonitor.conf)

24.1.1 10.04.2019

  • fix issue with set lastSIPresponse if any of legs is canceled [VG-1808]

24.1 10.04.2019

  • new legs merging option (call_id_alternative = Session-ID,Join) developed mainly for merging Cisco CUCM legs / bridges [VS-906]
  • fix SKIP flag in capture rules for IP / both [VS-909]
  • warn if max_allowed_packet is low [VG-1812] [VS-903]
  • increase limit for mysqlstore_max_threads_message (9 -> 30)
  • added support for codec MP4A-LATM [VS-907]
  • support for generating logs [VG-1808]

24.0.4 22.03.2019

  • fix SIP INFO (DTMF) corrupted packet in pcap file
  • fix compilation with mysqlclient librray v.8
  • do not insert log to log_sensor when parameter --run-droppartitions-maxdays is used
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